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Day 22 - Favorite Minor Character

This was NOT a fair question to ask me. I love a lot of the minor characters, and lot of them were pretty neat. I adore the five I picked, and they really made a mark on me.

1) Andy. He was only in two characters, but I thought he was great. I really liked him.
2) Chuck. CHUCK! I love this man also, I did from the very start. Everything about him was awesome. I can’t wait till I see him back on the show again (I’m pretty sure I heard Rob say that he was coming back). I believed he was god early on, and I will continue to believe it. :3
3) Balthazar. Bahaha, he is just a fun character, so much of a comic release that I just can’t help but laugh when he’s on the screen. Plus, his accent, whatever it is, is awesome.
4) Missouri. MISSOURI! She was AWESOME, especially with how she treated Dean. It was just great. I have always wished that she would come back at some point.
5) Gabriel. Gaabbrriieeellll. Trriiicckkkstterr… ;-; Come back to me, baby, please. I cried when he died, I thought he was a great character. I miss him dearly.