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Yes, I realize I am being a pain. :P But I was bored and totally forgot Ruby used this body until I saw the episode this morning, lol.

Gen is teeechhhnically Ruby 3.0. People that love Ruby 2.0 are really saying they love this blonde bombshell.

Actually a little sad that episodes this morning start with Lazarus Rising. That means Katie is gone and Gen is here. Ugh, I missed ALL of Katie’s episodes.

I hate that you can’t post an opinion without getting hate for it. Just because someone in the Gen tag said that she doesn’t care for her acting, she gets death threats.

You can love someone and not like their acting. I adore Gen, she is gorgeous and an amazing person. She is an alright actress, but when compared to others, she can seem wooden. That’s all they were saying. That they preferred Katie as Ruby, and I agree. 

No matter WHAT someone says, no one deserves to get hate for their opinion.


#I really loved Katie as Ruby #I love Gen but #Katie was much sassier #Dean’s attempt at a comeback…

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A Bobby and Ruby reunion. Oh so nostalgic for the days of the old Supernatural.


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Man… Rewatching S3 makes me really wish they had kept Katie as Ruby. I like Gen and all, don’t get me wrong, but…

I just prefer Katie’s ruby. I think she pulled the character off better. I miss her.

Random Thoughts While Sick

I kinda wish Gen had played Ruby first, and then Katie. Not that Gen didn’t do a good job, I think she did great. I just… Kinda wish we had seen Gen as the lead-up that got to be a bit more badass.

At the same time, I think Katie did a kickass job as Ruby 1.0, she did a freakin kick ass job with being, well, bad ass. So I kinda wish they were switched but I don’t. I don’t think I’d like Ruby as much as I did if it had started with Gen.

“Look at you all ‘roided up. It’s like A-Rod and Madonna over here.”