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My name is Angela, but please call me Ann. I just recently graduated from college, and am currently unemployed. I am an avid Role-Player, so if you want to know specifics, ask me. The thing you're more than likely to see on my blog is Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, One Tree Hill, Pretty Little Liars, more shows, and music.

30 Day Supernatural Challenge


 Day 1 - Your favorite character
Day 2 - Your least favorite character
Day 3 - Your favorite season
Day 4 - Your least favorite season
Day 5 - Your favorite episode
Day 6 - Your least favorite episode 
Day 7 - Your favorite Dean crying scene
Day 8 - Your favorite Sam crying scene
Day 9 - Your favorite Dean death scene
Day 10 - Your favorite Sam/other death scene
Day 11 -  Your favorite quote
Day 12 - Your favorite funny scene
Day 13 - A scene that makes you sad/cry
Day 14 - A scene that makes you happy
Day 15 - A scene that makes you angry
Day 16 - An episode that scared you
Day 17 - Your favorite SPN friendship
Day 18 - Your favorite SPN romance
Day 19 - Your favorite SPN song
Day 20 - Your favorite recap
Day 21 - Your favorite character entrance
Day 22 - Your favorite minor character
Day 23 -  The character that is most like you
Day 24 - An episode you wish never happened
Day 25 - Something that you wish happened but didn’t
Day 26 - Your favorite SPN fanvid
Day 27 - Your favorite season intro episode
Day 28 - Your favorite season finale
Day 29 - Your favorite SPN fanfic
Day 30 - Anything SPN related

Day 30 - Anything SPN related

Favorite Supernatural Gif.

I took the easy way out for this day.

Day 29 - Your favorite SPN fanfic

Okay, I have to do this two ways. One is going to be one of the few Wincest stories I have read, and I am sorry for the lack here. I haven’t read many Wincest fics. But this is my favorite of what I have.

Things We Don’t Say by Nina

It’s Wincest, and it’s entirely adorable and it’s love. Plus I love all of her drabbles.

Now, slightly off of Supernatural, I have been reading a LOT of J2, so I’ll do a recommendation for that also.

The Empty Room

It is AU at times and not AU at times. It is FANTASTIC, and one of the first stories I read that wasn’t a one-shot. It was amazing, and just… gah. <3

Day 28 - Your favorite season finale

It was between this one, or Season Five’s. Season five’s twisted my heart so many ways, and I loved it, and it made me cry. Even after seeing it more than ten times it makes me cry, and I love it. But Lucifer Rising…

This one, wow. To me, it showed a big step for the show and for the brothers. After everything they had been through in the season, even after Dean told Sam that if he left, to stay gone, he went after him. He wanted to save him. He wanted to be there with his brother. After everything, when Lucifer is raising from the cage, they clutch for eachother because they are all they HAVE.

Day 27 - Your favorite season intro episode

It was harder to pick than I thought it would be. It came down to this one and Lazarus Rising. They both have their good points, but this episode, in my opinion, really brings into focus how much family means for the boys, and even for John. When John gave up on Dean and said there was nothing they could do, Sam didn’t. He wouldn’t. He did whatever he could to try and figure out a way to get him better. You could see the relief when he finally got to talk to Dean through the Ouija Board. The part with John honestly broke my heart, because Sam was broken. The entire episode…. It was amazing, and I love it.

Lazarus Rising easily came in second though.

Day 26 - Your favorite SPN fanvid

I’ve only watched a few (and all within the last 2 hours trying to do this), and this is probably my favorite.

Day 25 - Something that you wish happened but didn’t

This may seem stupid. Something really insignificant. But this, this is what I want.

That? Should not have gone like that. It should have gone like this.

They need their hug. Seriously. I felt bad for Cas when Sam didn’t hug him back.

Day 24 - An episode you wish never happened

An episode I wish never happened….

The very first time I watched it, I said right off the bat that if the Black and White stuff going on didn’t stop, I wouldn’t care for the episode. And while I don’t skip it when I rewatch stuff, I don’t like it for that simple reason. The episode itself isn’t bad, it really isn’t. I just HATE that it’s shot in complete black and white, it bugs me to no end. If it wasn’t this episode, then I was going to go with Bugs - for the reason that I have a terrible fear of bugs of any kind, spiders inluded, and that episode just… I can’t. It freaks me out too much.

Day 23 - The character that is most like you

Well this is a hard question. Why don’t YOU tell me the character that is most like me?


Honestly… I’d have to go with either Chuck or Sam. Chuck because he is really awkward in social situations, he’d rather be alone and just home in his robe and pajama’s writting or something. Sam because no matter how much I try to do the right thing, I always, ALWAYS end up doing the wrong thing. I have to say Sorry to everyone I love too much. I’ve always defended him tooth and nail, maybe that’s why.

Day 22 - Favorite Minor Character

This was NOT a fair question to ask me. I love a lot of the minor characters, and lot of them were pretty neat. I adore the five I picked, and they really made a mark on me.

1) Andy. He was only in two characters, but I thought he was great. I really liked him.
2) Chuck. CHUCK! I love this man also, I did from the very start. Everything about him was awesome. I can’t wait till I see him back on the show again (I’m pretty sure I heard Rob say that he was coming back). I believed he was god early on, and I will continue to believe it. :3
3) Balthazar. Bahaha, he is just a fun character, so much of a comic release that I just can’t help but laugh when he’s on the screen. Plus, his accent, whatever it is, is awesome.
4) Missouri. MISSOURI! She was AWESOME, especially with how she treated Dean. It was just great. I have always wished that she would come back at some point.
5) Gabriel. Gaabbrriieeellll. Trriiicckkkstterr… ;-; Come back to me, baby, please. I cried when he died, I thought he was a great character. I miss him dearly.

Day 21 - Your favorite character entrance

Death had the most kick-ass ever in my opinion. The way the song starts, and the simple brush of his shoulder making the guy keel over. This entrance NEVER fails to impress me.

Day 20 - Your favorite recap

The recap for “Tall Tales” is probably my favorite. It goes back and shows all the pranks the boys pulled doing Hell House. Plus I just love the episode. But the recap alone makes me laugh.

Day 19 - Your favorite SPN song

I feel obligated to say Carry On Wayward Son, and that’s probably not a lie. I love the song, I always have, and hearing it in this show always makes me happy. It also now brings tears to my eyes BUT THAT ISN’T THE POINT. xD It’s a very good, amazing song.

Other than the obvious? I have to go with Rock of Ages by Def Leppard, which was used in Swan Song and the placement/use of it was just amazing, or I have to go with Renegade by Styx, used in Nightshifter, for the same reasons.

Day 18 - Your favorite SPN romance


I know they didn’t really last, but I liked the idea of that. I mean.. even God needs to have some love, and the fact that he could stop himself when she wanted to go farther… I just really liked the idea of this relationship, I did.


I ship them, but I don’t. I do respect people’s opinions that say that Wincest is wrong, that it shouldn’t be, and a part of me agrees. But to me, their relationship isn’t just about sex, it isn’t just about a physical attraction to the other person. It’s deeper than that. It’s willing to let yourself die if it means protecting the other person. It’s that understand between you where you don’t even have to speak and the other knows what you mean. It’s that closeness that you get after so long of being together that you orientate yourselfs around eachother without even realizing it. So maybe some will say their relationship is wrong. Like I said, a part of agrees. I know I don’t want to see it happen on the show because it would just cause a lot of lashback. But if you take away the sexual part of the relationship? If you ignore that and just see it for the emotional connect; the co-dependency that makes them NEED the other around, else it will change them and who they are, they won’t function right; they truley are soul-mates. They wouldn’t work with anyone else, not if the other is alive and they are able to be with eachother, travelling in the car. They need eachother.